Effective and accurate delivery
For customers
→ On the business side

The data center provides customers with the logical basis for the overall marketing plan, number selection, and commercial content delivery, and uses data and factual verification to help customers truly achieve effective scientific delivery. The accuracy and professionalism of Tomatogo data analysis have been recognized by many brand customers and become their long-term strategic partners.

High quality content delivery
For growth
→ On growth side

The data center cooperates with the official growth tools of Bilibili and Xiaohongshu to develop the platform crowd package DMP, and uses self-developed algorithms to help bloggers accurately match potential audiences with their content, greatly improving the efficiency of increasing fan-base and reducing the cost.

Data Helps Create popular content
For content
→ On the content side

The data center provides potential hot topics for the content team. Through intelligent analysis of current popular trends and rapidly fermenting content, the next popular content can be mined in advance. At the same time, it also conducts data review for team content to assist in optimizing and improving content quality and content data.

Exclusive KOL model

We sorted Xiaohongshu bloggers through an exclusive internal pyramid hierarchy model, and found that the distribution system of Xiaohongshu no longer prioritizes the absolute number of fans under the era that content is king.

Popular content creation cases
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